Monday, February 2, 2009

Random News

No rant today, and no stories. Just a bit if rambling about my day.

Today started at 12am for me, like for most people. I had just finished watching the Superbowl with a pile of large hungry friends. Geesh, what an array of galoops. Ugly could cite the stats each player had in high school, while Rono showed up not even knowing who was playing. My apologies to the girls from Boston Baptist College who arrived just in time to hear the F-bombs commence. Janet made a spectacular array of dishes. Beef Stew; some sort of triangular filo pastries filled with sausage and cheese; and an amazing appetizer that contained citrus juices, fruit slices, shrimp and scallops. ZOMG. I'm still full.

The Cardinals made a fanastic comeback only to fail at the very point I said would be the deciding factor: their secondary. How could you NOT expect a jump-ball toss to the back corner of the end zone? What were you thinking??

I got to bed at 2:30am and awoke at 7:15am to make my way into court. Yes, I had a court date to fight a traffic ticket. Three months ago, I was given a ticket for running a red light. The problem being, both me and the cop agreed the light never turned red. What had actually happened was that car in front of me stopped in the middle of the intersection inexplicably. I was sitting there behind him wondering what the heck was going on. Just as we finally got moving, the light turned yellow. A cop pulled me over for it. I was flabbergasted. I wasn't at fault and I certainly wasn't going to sit in the middle of traffic waiting for the light to change. So what does the magistrate tell me? "Police don't give tickets for yellow lights." No kidding, that's why was I was there! I explained that the cop himself admitted to me at the time that the light was yellow.

"Police don't give tickets for yellow lights." Screw it. I'm still fighting it. I told them to give me another court date before a judge. I'm not going to pay a fine for something I didn't do.


Anonymous said...

So you were stuck in the middle of an intersection and he gave you a ticket for leaving the intersection? And he told you the light was yellow? WTF? What did he write you up for then? Was he in court? What a stupid cop. I see people drive though red lights, solid red lights all the time, and no freaking cop ever shows up. Useless.
You know, it must be something about your Karma. Or is it your Carma?

Gleno said...

It's actually my Karman Ghia. I have to get a more conventional car.

AsterixChaos said...

“Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s”

Yes, yes... I know. And I tend to agree.

The Magistrate is corrupt and complacent, from your description. We should form a party and take him down. If you're willing to tank, I'll heal. We just need some DPS, and we've got this thing in the bank.

Just let me know when you want to go.