Monday, January 12, 2009

Misplaced Priorities

Something just became obvious to me. When George Bush was elected (and again when he was reelected) I heard a disturbing number of liberals make the following sorts of statements: "He's not my president." "I'm leaving the country."

More recently, with Barak Obama elected, what I'm hearing from the conservatives is, "I didn't vote for him, but I sure hope he succeeds."

Makes me wonder where people's real priorities lie. Wait, no... actually, it makes it pretty darn clear to me where their priorities lie.


Anonymous said...

I actually heard Conservatives, granted not many, say that they would leave the country and go to Canada if Obama was elected. I think they had to be pretty stupid conservatives if they thought Canada would be a better, more conservative place to go, but that aside.
I'm really disturbed by the kind of racist garbage I get from the conservative side. I think there is a very good sized chunk of conservatives who feel exactly like the stupid Liberals who said 'he's not my president'. But then again, I've just listened to a bunch of debates about how Bush is above the law, that the President is above the law, and as far as I am concerned, no one is above the law. So I can see how many Liberals would be very disgusted with this president.
I thought it was so telling that his first word in his speech today to the media was "Aaah..." Also that the media "mis-underestimated" him. And that he was left an economy in recession and is also leaving one in recession. Somehow I cant see comparing the end of Clinton's term with it's incredible surplus, to the end of this term, with its Great Recession.

Gleno said...

Bush blew it. Hard. I can think of no other president who had the opportunty for greatness who succeeded only in failing so completely. However, from the Right, I still see nothing but hope and prayers for Obama, socialist sleeze that he is.

Dech. said...

Interesting that you make your point, because I seem to have been noticing quite the opposite. Perhaps it's our unique locations, but the DC area is awash with various.... people who believe the same things as the two links above point out.