Tuesday, January 13, 2009


What you are looking at is the less than half a sammich that I could not reasonably finish today. This roast beast sammich (with tomato and ample mayo) is from the Green Gardens in Hyde Park.

When my father first took me to the Green Garden some 25 years ago, he encouraged me to order the large roast beast sub. I did. The man behind the deli counter set a side of cow on the deli slicer and then laid a subroll along his left fore arm. With his right hand, he began to pull slide the meat back and forth over the blade, dropping slice after succulent slice into the roll.

After six slices, I began to think, "This looks good." At nine slices, I realized it looks really good.

...11...12...13...14... I think it was during the 13th slice that I realized my dad must have put this guy up to it. But no, he didn't. That's just the way they do it.

I took my boss there today. After my sammich had been compiled (accent on the "pile") and wrapped, I told my boss to set it up on the deli scale. It weighed 1.47 pounds. The amazing thing about this is that a pound of roast beast at the Green Garden will run you $6.99. My pound-and-a-half sammich made to order with mayo, a nice roll, and tomato, only cost me $6.50.

Food has always been much more than a means to an ends for me. However, there is something uniquely satisfying about a sub that's as big as your leg.

But, Oh! The quality! Tastey. Tender. If I had no teeth I still would have been able to chew it with no problem.

Mmm... meat.

P.S. I won't set foot in a Subway. The one time I did so, I watched the woman take a handful of meat and put it on a scale. Then she started taking some meat back off. I recoiled in horror at this act of anathema. Clearly those places know nothing of the art of sammich making.

(And even less about sammich eating.)


Michelle said...

My GOODNESS, that is a MASSIVE sandwich!!

Did you roll around for the rest of the day after stuffing yourself with it?? Did you even finish it, or is that picture as far as you got??

Either way, an impressive feat my friend. Very impressive!

Gleno said...

What you see is that portion that I did not finish. That's less than half of what was there to start with. It was soooo good though! Rather than feeling stuffed, I had to pull back on the reigns and prevent myself from attacking that other half.

Anonymous said...

Um, Subway might be the way to go to add a few years to your life. I'm just sayin.

Thera19 said...

I want one