Tuesday, January 27, 2009


It looks like BlogSpot finally fixed the little check-box responses that are found below each blog. I had tried to customize them repeatedly in the past but it would not save what I put in. It looks like they finally fixed that. you can click a box to provide feedback, not that I want to discourage comments. It looks like I can only fit four in. Any suggestions as to what they should say or do the ones I provided suffice?


Anonymous said...

Well, they all seem to work.
How about "you have to be kidding"
"I always thought that too"
and "well, if that's the way you feel about it"

Gleno said...

I'll try those, but the amount of space I get isn't very large. I may need to chisel them down a bit to shorter terms.

Anonymous said...

How about "check ur meds", "Word", and "STFU pls" thats waaaay shorter right?

rythter said...

Good, Bad, Ugly are my favorite three choices. Or this, that, the other, yet another, one more, done.

rythter said...

or: /clap, /golfclap, /cheer, /fail