Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Life is that thing that keeps happening until it stops.

I'm hoping that after I die, someone will find that quote and I'll be considered some sort of metaphysical genius. Books will be written about me, philosophers will argue about my impact upon Western thinking, and high school Lit Crit students will have to write research papers on my life and blogs. It could happen. It's about as likely as someone being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for Platitudes and Good Intentions, but it could happen.

This afternoon has been shrithing* by in aloof silence, taking little note of anything that might impede its progress toward evening. Between bursts of real work, I've been alternatively pondering something to blog about and wasting said subjects in posts and IMs to various people. If I had written here everything I've written today in other Internet locales, my blog would be quite full and you'd be reading something other than me writing about writing.

One subject that came up earlier was my response to Recessionista Genie's recent blog about a seeming paradox between Christianity and Political Conservatism. An interesting topic, for certain, but a debate that, I feel, ignores important foundational assumptions. This is an important step in analyzing any opinion or topic of logic: Check your assumptions. When something doesn't make sense or doesn't seem to come to a logical conclusion, check your assumptions. Sometimes I am amazed by just how much I take for granted in a debate. Take a look at Genie's "Magic Nutshell"** and the recent conversation taking place. I love Genie's writing and her opinions. Sometimes we even agree.

From the Wishful Thinking Department
Janet and I were were out and about on Columbus Day with Benjamin. We went pumpkin picking with him and had a great little family time. We had lunch with Janet's father and afterwards, we visited her mom's grave. On the way home, we chanced upon a rather nice house for sale and stopped to write down the realtor information. It's a very large five bedroom house on just over a half an acre with a pool and a barn that just screams "Mead Hall". The house is a two family that is currently being used as a single family; however, our intention would be to have Janet's father join us, were we to find ourselves as the new owners.

We shall see. I'm still very much in love with being the Lord of Upham Manor and it will take quite a lot to unseat me from our current estate.

That's about it for now. I hope to be more diligent in my blogging in the next few days. I'd like to put together another piece of fiction at some point too. I'm sure you're all anxious too read about the next biohazardous disaster that might befall me here in the lab. If you missed out the last outbreak we had here of zombieism, you might want to go back into the archives and read about it. One never knows when such much strike again, particularly with Halloween around the corner.

* Good word. Use it. http://www.etymonline.com/columns/oldenglish.htm




Anonymous said...

One of those pumpkins is really an orange basketball.
I miss those debates of yesteryear, but they did take a lot out of one. And opining up my inbox to 40 emails every half hour was a bit daunting. lol
Hey, the sun is streaming in on my hand. Wow!
The house looked nice. But who would get he manor?
I have always thought that when you die, you should have "a cool frood who knew where his towel was" on your stone.

Donzo said...

Where is the house? Location is everything. Remember, you have to start thinking about where your heir is going to go to school, and when the market is good to buy or sell. Right now, it's a buyer's market, big time! It will most likely be about two years before it's a seller's market again.

Anonymous said...

Looked up shrithing in the link you left...says it can't find the word.

Jim Y.

Recessionista Genie said...

Hello there sir, thanks for the link and the thoughtful conversations. I certainly do make incorrect assumptions about "the other side" sometimes, as I tried to address in my post there. Talking with people who disagree with me is a fine way to learn.

The pumpkins are gorge! Mr. G and I recently delivered ourselves a 15 pounder from our backyard garden, which I intend to post a picture of one of these days. As born and bred city kids, we are super stoked about our vegetable success! Coming soon: pie, soup, and roasted seeds for mole sauce.

What kind of fiction do you write, Gleno? Have you ever tried participating in National Novel Writing Month? My friend Miss Moppet and I are giving it a go this year--it starts November 1. If you're interested, check it out at www.nanowrimo.org. I plan to write a silly fairy tale/Arthurian fantasy romance. My usual writing is comedic realistic fiction, so this will be something new.

Happy fall!

Gleno said...

Thank you all for the comments. This year's patch was decent, but we got there late and most pumpkins didn't have stems and they had apparently carried away all of the dead vines. What good is a pumpkin without a stem to define its character? Last year's patch was better, or perhaps we were just there at a better time.

CC, thank you - that's about the best compliment a man can receive in life!

Donzo, the house, for the moment, shall remain obscurely placed somewhere on the South Shore. We're going to visit it on Sunday afternoon. If it looks like we make a move, I'll put up more info as appropriate. If we simply walk away, I'll let you know it was in Weymouth. Oops! Crap!

Jim Y, I placed a link to the word's definition at the bottom of my post. I believe it still works. The word comes down to us from Beowulf, one of my favorite stories.

Genie, if you're not already connected, may I introduce you to Cemetery Consort? She has been, for many years, my favorite Left Wing Analyst. She's always got a well thought out opinion and something to back it with. You two should consider checking out one another's blogs. (You're both listed in my blog lists on the home page of my blog under "The Beyond.")

Recessionista Genie said...

Yeah, I have checked out CC's blog a couple of times. It's very cool. I'm not technically gifted enough to have figured out how to comment on her posts, though.

If you read this, CemeteryConsort, hello! Your blog is awesome. One day I will figure out how to leave a comment.

And have you ever done NaNoWriMo? Lately I've become something of a NaNo missionary.