Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Dream

Clinging tightly to sweaty skin
This subconsious tensile veil
Entangles me
Suffocates, asphixiates
Tugging upon my tumbling body
As I struggle to tear its transparent pale.

Images undulate with obfuscated forms
Over and under in the obscure
And twilight world
Within which I am wound.
Ocean waves, falling, and faces - such fears
Desire, conspire, to hold me secure.

I gasp and stretch to escape the grasp
Of the morbid forms that hold me fast
Miring me
In the unconscious solitude of sleep.
I tossle and turn trying to pierce the shroud
Under which I lie soaked in sweats of the past.

My mournful cry is muffled and muted.
Silence, the sole sound of screaming
A voice?
Can it be? Is this far-off call is seeking me?
What is real? Is not this veil?
And now a hand! --
"My Love, you were only dreaming."



Michelle said...

I LOVE this poem. I was flattered that you asked my opinion of it when you first wrote it, and am so glad you decided to share it with everyone.

I do so enjoy the visual richness of the piece; the imagery is vivid and clear; and I find myself suffocating in sympathy for those awful nightmares that are hard to separate from reality.

Write on, my friend, write on.

Recessionista Genie said...

Hey guy, I already asked this, but have you ever tried NaNoWriMo? :) www.nanowrimo.org

It's for novel writing, but I have a poet friend who is participating by setting free writing and poetry goals instead of novel word count goals. It's fun, and you can get lots of free writing support from your local NaNo community!