Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Blog

At 7pm this evening, My mother-in-law passed away at her home. Many of her sisters and brothers and their families were here with us. Her breathing became difficult, and as the evening wore on, she simply grew weaker.

It was tremendously sad. I think we're worn out from the emotion of it. I'd like to say more about this, and no doubt I will in the coming days. But... not now.


Anonymous said...

I just stopped by to say I was glad you found "Outside the Window", and I read this.
I'm sorry for your loss, and Janet's. I know there isn't much to say, but our thoughts are with you guys.

Michelle said...

Just reading this, and seeing the emotion that goes into the few words you have included in your post, brings back the heartache of losing my grandmother...

I watched my mum go through such a tough time trying to cope with the loss of her best friend, her mentor, her creator...I even saw the effect it had on my dad...to see HIM cry at the loss was almost more heartbreaking.

Nothing anyone can say can make such a loss easier - heck, if it was ME, I would be a snivelling wreck, tucked away from society, feeling sorry for myself.

I hope Janet knows that she now has a guardian angel looking over her always, as does Benjamin. Even though he may not have know her in this life, he will never be alone; she will always be a part of his life.

I send out my condolences to you both, and hope that you lean on one another to get through the hard times - there will be days when it gets easier, and then, you can both smile and remember what a great woman she sounds like she was.

Rest In Peace...