Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Dirt Store

For a long time now, I've been taking Been Jammin' with me when I run errands. The Twinlings are getting older now, and yesterday I figured it was about time to start sharing the chance for them to get out and about alone with Da-Da. I told Daniel that if he got his shoes on quickly, I'd take him with me to the "dirt store" (the garden center where I needed to pick up a load of loam).

Mom got him ready and I buckled him into the truck and we rolled down to A. Thomas & Sons in Milton to pick up some loam. We looked at plants and garden fixtures and then he got to watch the front end loader dump it into my truck.

But with all of this, all he kept talking about was, "Where's Jesse? Where's Jesse?"

Turns out, when we got home, the same thing had been happening with the other half of this duo -- Jesse had been asking Mom, "Where's Daniel?"

It's a totally awesome blessing seeing my three boys love their brothers; it's something I always wanted for myself but never had. I love my sisters, but I've always had a bit of envy that they had a bond with each other in a way that I never got to experience. I'm determined to help foster that love in my three sons.

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