Friday, May 10, 2013

Degradation of Our Leadership

I think we've seen something in the Obama administration that we've never seen before and that is the completion of the process of the American people's loss of confidence and trust it their own government. Bush made some bravely stupid mistakes that alienated many of our allies, but it wasn't until Obama took office and fanned the flames of this alienation with his rhetoric by saying that the last 8 years had been a mistake, that we are sorry for them, and that we will be changing our attitudes toward the world.

That was a colossal mistake. It was a decision to play politics with the entire world rather than to project an air and stance of leadership to the free world. Rather than silently and stoically working to shore up our position and influence in the world, Obama undermined our own integrity by backtracking, cowering and bowing (both literally and figuratively) to those who oppose our interests.

Thus, Barak Obama has stuck a two pronged fork into the integrity and sovereignty of the United States of America, one which has demoralized and angered her people and one that emboldened her enemies.

The question now stands before us, "What will the American people do about it? Will we stand up and fight to retake what ought to be ours, or will we go silently into that night?"

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