Monday, April 8, 2013

There, It's Done

Well, I bought a truck this weekend. It's been a bit contentious for me and the missus so I've been reluctant to say anything. I weighed a lot of options and I felt compelled that we truly needed one given the challenges I'm facing keeping up with two properties now. We have had too many needs for a truck in the past that I had to fill by borrowing one from others. Moreover, there are still quite a number of ongoing needs that call for a truck.

The truck is a Toyota Tacoma with the double cab. That means it has four doors on it. All the baby/car seats fit in the back so there is no problem taking the entire family places so we haven't lost anything. It's just not what my wife describes as a "family vehicle." She's right, it's not. But our situation requires some flexibility right now and this vehicle does both the hauling and carrying we need and provides 5 passenger seating. It's not what we "want" but it is what we need.

I want to be excited about this but I haven't been able to let myself feel such since my wife doesn't. I'm hoping she'll understand the decision as time goes on. I rarely (if ever) make a decision that we're not in complete agreement on so this has been hard, but I am confident that this was the right thing for us right now.

I don't like borrowing stuff and yet I find I'm constantly having to do it. This has gotten wearisome both for the lenders and for me. Too much so. Being a constant borrower makes me feel wretched, like I'm not "good enough" to take care of myself and my family. It's been like this for too long. This weekend's follies of putting 80 miles on someone else's truck looking for a place to unload a big pile of leaves and branches was the last straw. We need to be able to take care of our own responsibilities without involving others.


Anonymous said...

What you have neglected to tell people is you replaced the minivan for the truck yet keeping your scion to take back and forth to work so you save on gas, thus forcing the wife to drive the truck daily which she is not comfortable with nor is it fair to force a vehicle on soneone.

tess said...

Lighten deserve it, enjoy it and start saving for Janet's BMW.