Monday, February 8, 2010

Hurray for Not-the-Colts!

A few weeks ago, I made a Super Bowl prediction that failed to materialize. (See Given the nature of this particular prognostication, I'm not disappointed. I had predicted that win, lose, or draw, there was going to be a riot in the city of New Orleans after the Super Bowl. While this did not happen, apparently someone thought it might be a good idea to fire shots into a crowd of revellers. That can't be counted as a riot, regardless of how horrific and stupid it was.

What is more intriguing to me than the lack of a riot in New Orleans is the complete and total lack of anything in Indianapolis. After watching the Colts offense deflate itself into impotence, apparently the city of Indianapolis did likewise. A pall of silence descended on the city leaving most people with little to say at all. This video at YouTube casts the city in a surprising aura of lethargy.

As a Boston sports fan, I find this behavior bizarre and, franky, unacceptable. One fan said of their Super Bowl loss, "Very big bummer."

"Very big bummer?" Are you kidding me? Your team just lost the Super Bowl and all you can say is that it was a "very big bummer"? That's not a football fan, that's what someone in a nursing home might say when they find out that there aren't any hard boiled eggs for today's breakfast.

Another jackasstic, pseudo-fan actually said (he said this, I kid you not), "After hurricane Katrina, the Saints deserved their Super Bowl."

When my New England Patriots lost the Super Bowl to the Giants -- excuse me, I have to spit -- if someone had so much implied such a thing to me, I'd have punched them in the throat. "Our opponents deserved to win? I'll see you in hell."

I've been saying all along that the reason I was rooting for Not-the-Colts is that I did not want their to be any confusion over whom is the greatest quartback and the greatest team of our time. Tom Brady is absolutely a better quarterback than that whinebag Peyton Manning. Great QBs win big games. Peyton Manning does not. Moreover, anyone who watched that game knows that it was Manning's mistakes that cost the Colts that game. His Pick-6 was all that was needed to permanently put the game into the Saints hands.

So Super Bowl LXIV did two things: It gave the city of New Orleans back a measure of pride and it absolutely solidified Tom Brady as the best quarterback of our time. But it also did one more thing, something I did not expect. It clearly demonstrated that New England sports fans are far superior to anything that Indianapolis can field.

Your opponents "deserved" to win? Holy crap. Go watch golf or something, dude. You're pathetic.


Anonymous said...

It's a game.
Its a stupid game.
The Saints deserve to win because they played better.
I'm glad their city didn't disgrace their win by acting like morons.
It's still just a stupid game.

Gleno said...

If by "stupid game" you mean, "The reason for life, the universe, and everything", then, yes, I agree with you.

Anonymous said...

Um.. no. I think your Babel Fish choked on that one. Like the Colts!!! lol

Glenn said...

I heard a New Orleans citizen interviewed after the Saints' victory. I love sports, but I find it sad the way that people put a team of people (who have no connection to the area except a HUGE paycheck)up as an embodiment of the city or origin. This fan said, "It just goes to show what the people of New Orleans can do if we come together and put our minds to it."

Why do people want to share the credit for a victory but you never hear anyone see their team come in last pace and want to share the blame?

Anonymous said...

Same reason no one ever voted for the loser. They all want to be winners.(even if 49% voted for the loser).
It is ridiculous. If you were not on that field, you were not part of the 'winning team'. It's a mentality that pervades this culture, and I think the government likes it. Better to distract the masses than feel their wrath were they to wake up. Rome anyone?

Anonymous said...