Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Recessionista Genie said...

Debunked by Snopes, sir:

You can rest easy. Put the musket down, homes. Obama is not going to steal your mp3s.

Recessionista Genie said...

Just so you know, I do appreciate a man who is watching out for our liberties and doesn't take everything the government says or does at face value. We need to be always questioning and watching our asses. But seriously, it's good to check up on wild rumors before spreading them. is another site in addition to Snopes where you can find information from various sources supporting or debunking such stories going around.

Gleno said...

Thank you for your comment.

I'm someone who until now has never been caught by an Internet farce. I frequently debunk online claims that others have passed around. What led me to believe this story was not simply the credibility that Glenn Beck has, but also my own experiences as a network security adminstrator.

While working at IBM as a Sr. Network Security Specialist, and here in my current IT position at a state lab, it's very true that computers that connect from the outside into an internal system are considered an extension of our overall computer structure, and thus, are bound by the policies and protocols of the company or agency.

At IBM, any system connecting to our network was called a "Enterprise Gateway" and, even if we didn't own it outright, we regulated and contoled it as if it was our own.

What's false about Beck's report isn't that the government doesn't claim ownership of the computer system -- Snopes confirms that the government *does* indeed. What's false is that it's the Dealer, not the Consumer, who would be connecting as the Enterprise Gateway and, thus, subject to the government ownership.

Anonymous said...

In your old age, you are slipping. You also didn't know about how the legislature voted on gay marriage. You spend too much time on WOW. lol

Gleno said...

Well, they sure did it quietly if they did! There was months of demands for the vote and an awful lot of press time devoted to the fact that they had ILLEGALLY tried to avoid voting on it.