Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More Work on the Manor

It's not particularly large or dramatic, but I did manage to get a small semblance of a garden planted over the weekend. With the addition of some flower boxes and other touch-ups, I think Upham Manor is beginning to look rather nice. One thing I have noticed is that, in spite of the rather prodigious planting that has been done this year (and in previous years), the Manor really does not boast very much color. Verdant, yes. Tropical colors, no.

The terrace has been spruced up a bit, cleaned, and the brick all newly grouted with stone dust. It looks good. I have installed a rather nice screen house upon it to one side to give some relief from sun, potential mosquitos, and anything that might fall from that darned oak tree. I love oak trees. I just cannot stand how dirty they make everything under them. Here in New England, we get an unfortunate number of caterpillars of various types who like to swoop down on you on silken ropes. Nasty little buggers.

I've taken the next three days off. I'm hoping to get the porch painted, though with the rains coming, I think that might be something less than a reality. I shall have to find other tasks to put my hands. I need to make a plan, a checklist of to-do items so that I can keep myself honest and not fall prey to the call of Warcraft and Stumble.


Anonymous said...

Daffadils, daylillies, creeping and tall phlox, siberian irises, bearded irises, carnations, mini carnations (pinks) astilbe.
That's all I can think of for good perenials at the moment. Oh, try some dead nettle. Very pretty and creeps. What kind of soil and light do you have? Dry, sunny, or shady?
Impatients are great for annuals if you water them. They are very colorful and grow nicely.

Donzo said...

I like Morning Glories, and climbing Roses. Low maintenance. Also, grapes would be cool, but I believe they need lots of sun, and are high maintenance, and don't bear (sp?) fruit for something like 5 years.
Bear - 1. A woodland creature 2. to produce by natural growth.
Bare - To be unclothed.
Bair - My mother's maiden name.
Baer - A Beverly Hillbilly (Jethro)
Behr - German version of Bair.
Beer - God's remedy to prevent Giardia.

AsterixChaos said...

*Wistful sigh*