Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Seemed Like the Thing to Do At the Time

So, this morning, my boss called me into his office. He explained that he had found tons of pornography on my computer, that they had records of me using the company telephone to conduct unethical, personal activity, and that numerous women had come forward to accuse me of sexual harassment and each had physical proof. He asked me to resign quietly rather than be thrown out on my butt. I did the only reasonable thing: I initially denied the accusations, then I pretended that what I had done was accidental, then I cried, apologised, and explained that nothing I had done had any bearing on my job so there was no reason for me to leave. In the end, he agreed with me and everything was okay.

Does this sound likely to you?

Me neither. So why does this dirt bag Wiener think that if the ordinary mere mortal in a shmuck job should be booted that he should be any different -- he who was elected to a position of privilege and national leadership?

Some people like to pretend that a person's "private life" has little or nothing to do with their ability to hold office effectively. I vehemently disagree, as did George Washington who, in his farewell address, made it clear that nothing was more important when selecting leaders than choosing those who were upright, moral, ethical, and honest in their private affairs. I can remember clearly being taught in Christian school that "character is who you are when no one is looking." Unfortunately, Mr. Wiener, pictures are made for looking.

Here are three reasons why Wiener must step down immediately or be sacked:

  1. He has clearly demonstrated that his ability to make decisions is poor at best. Decision making is one of the chief duties of a leader. He is unquestionably a failure at making good decisions. If he can't figure out that pressing "Send" is a bad idea, then we shouldn't be trusting him with our money and our freedoms.

  2. He cannot be trusted. If man would do this to his wife (of only a year, as I understand it), then how on earth can an entire country of strangers trust him? Not only did he do it, he lied about doing it.

  3. He can no longer be taken seriously. The next time you see him stand up and start talking about healthcare, the economy, our country's relationship with Paraguay, what will be in the forefront of your mind? What will he forever be known for by everyone in this country and all other countries who might deal with him? Is this really the face you want representing you?

Heck, he's had his chance to step down. Just throw the bum out.



Anonymous said...

While I do like what Washington said, and I do agree with your assessment of the hotdog man, I just would like to ask: Would your opinion of Washington change if you in fact found out that he had an affair, or had made some questionable moral decisions in his life? I have heard the Martha burned all their correspondences upon his death.What was she hiding from posterity? Mere love letters?
Perhaps it is wrong to hold up any man too high. CC

Gleno said...

It's easy to venerate the men who founded our country and who fought the battles to make it possible. We naturally want to do so. However, Washington seems to stand apart even from other great men of his time in that none of his peers have a bad word to say about him. His reputation among those who knew him must have been truly striking. I haven't seen anyone in history who was known for walking the walk the way he did.

Michelle said...

Is it highly immature of me to snicker everytime I hear his name "Weiner" and recall EXACTLY what he is being reprimanded for? Was that done on purpose to give US citizens a darned good chuckle over breakfast and a newspaper?

The second highly amusing item is that within his denial of those actions....he claimed that his phone "accidentally took the picture."

Now I am the first to understand just how smart Smartphones are - however, NO phone has yet been developed with the capability to take a picture of your "weiner" (sorry couldn't resist) THROUGH your pants pocket, and then log into your Twitter account, select a young girl out of your friends list and send the image to her privately. Nice try, Weiner-head but I'm just not buying it.

I shall continue to giggle at the most amusing story to come out of the US in a while =P