Thursday, May 19, 2011

Death Sucks

From the Venting Department:

You might find this sort of a contradiction (and honestly, I'm not sure it isn't) but in spite of my earnest conviction that everything that happens is in the hand of God, that not a sparrow falls from the sky without His knowledge, the fact is, I find myself holding an animosity toward death that is almost unhealthy. (Only almost.) I could not overstate the extent I hate death.

It's the ultimate rip-off. Life is not supposed to be this way. Far from death being "a natural part of life" (that's a line of crap), I believe that death is completely unnatural. Death is wrong.

It's an unnatural, unintended, intrusion into what life was supposed to be. I despise it. I shake my fist and spit into its face. I hate death.

When people marry one another they marry "until death do us part." What the heck is that? That's the best we can hope for?! In other words, in a best case scenario 100 out of every 100 marriages will result in one of the two parties being dead, leaving the other to mourn alone in anguish until they too die.

I may not have any authority to criticize reality but if you ask me this freakin' sucks.


DebbieLynne said...

God created us to be immortal; death, therefore is a consequence of sin and terribly unnatural.

Anonymous said...

As someone who is so sure of the life after death, I find you repulsion of death to be bizarre. As the only way to truly get with god is to die, one would think you would look at life as being the 'intrusion'.
Having the faith you do, one would think that while you enjoy life, you would consider death a 'bump in the road' on your way to everyone you know and love (who also has faith) going to meet again in the great here after.

Gleno said...

I am altogether sure of life after death. I'm not afraid of death, rather, I see death as the unnatural, reprehensible interruption of God's plan upon my mortal life.

It's an interesting question: Was God's initial plan for us to live forever in earthly bodies? If that is so, is living with Him in heaven a lesser good? Will the glorified bodies we receive in heaven be what we are used to in our earthly bodies here? If that is so, is death really anything at all other than a trading up on your body?

Anonymous said...

I was under the impression that man got booted out of the garden before he could eat from the tree of life, after he had eaten from the tree of knowledge. I take it from that that man was never immortal. He just chose the wrong tree. Therefor death is part of gods plan. Knowledge, however, wasn't. CC