Thursday, March 11, 2010

Putting the Cart Before the Ass

Nancy Pelosi on the Health Care Bill:

"[W]e have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away
from the fog of the controversy." --House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)

Are you scared yet cuz you should be.



Anonymous said...

Just like the banking bailout right?

I'm sorry, I totally think there is a real need to reform healthcare and insurance in this country. But I don't understand why it's so hidden, and why no one seems to really know what is going on.
They want an agency to check into overpayments made by Medicare or Medicaide I think I heard. SO DO IT. Or isn't there already an accounting agency that does that? And then when you find someone screwing the government, SCREW THEM! Take their home, their business, their license to practice. Make it very unproffitable for them and very proffitable for us.
But you can help to stop fraud by sending people itemized bills, so they know what they got, in plain English, and they might even be given an intensive to challenge the bill. I know when I was sent a bill for services that were outrageous expensive, I emailed the ins. company and actually got some results. That's because I was paying the bill. Maybe people should pay the bill and then get reimbursed, then maybe they would be more vigilant?

I have to add up all my father's bills for the time he was sick for his taxes. I recall I did this for myself once and when all was said and done, it wasn't worth doing because it hadn't added up to 'enough'. Why not let all medical bills be deductible? That would really help people right off the bat.
There are so many ideas out there to reform the insurance, why isn't any of it being looked into without this omnibus bill that really grates, and gets hung up on because of freaking abortion language. This is all just asinine. As usual.

Michelle said...

I am not all too familiar with the healthcare system in the US, so pardon my ignorance...I am Canadian after all =P

I have seen the healthcare system in the UK, and here in Canada. The North American system tends to be more expensive no matter where you are, but in the US, as an outsider looking in, the premiums you have to pay for your health insurance are absolutely extortionate.

Upon a discussion in my Financial Markets class last night, we talked about the new idea that people can "opt out" of healthcare until they really need it, to save themselves the literally tens of thousands of dollars a year, for an insurance pay out that they might never use.

My big question was....if EVERYONE in the US seems to be aware of the fact that there are issues with healthcare....why not just model a new system on one that has proven a success for people elsewhere? Why not take a look at somewhere such as, gosh I dunno, Sweden, for example, and just do a good ol' copy cat job?

Baffles me at times, because we all only hear the horror stories of people declaring bankrutpcy because they had to spend a few days in the hospital!

Just my two cents....being Canadian and all....

Anonymous said...

But if we used Canada's model... why, that would be Socialist, and that would be way worse than going bankrupt.
Seriously, why don't we model our health care on Canada. The first thing we can do is outlaw drug adds. That would save a TON of money. Then we can TELL the drug companies what we are going to pay, rather than have them tell us. Big country like Canada and the US must have some kind of buying power, right? I mean, Walmart does it.
People say that Canada rations health care and that Canadians leave the country to go to the US to get surgery. Well, has anyone heard of people from the US going to India for surgery? I have. Does that mean India has a better overall health system than we do?

The Ins. companies only want healthy people on the books, the healthy people don't want insurance because they dont' need it, and the people who need it, the sick people, are the ones who pay through the nose. And the ones that dont' have it, we the taxpayer pay for in the end, so really, let's just figure something out where everyone pays in. Share the cost. We are all paying for it in the long run anyway.

Genie of the Shell said...

Eeeeek, health care! Run for the hills!

Genie of the Shell said...

But seriously. In Sweden, health care reform was a big stinky controversy until it squeaked through the legislature. Then everybody was like, "WHAT THE--oh. This is nice." And they immediately stopped caterwauling because they found out in short time that all the fearmongering was lies and propaganda.

Just like when schools were desegregated.

Maybe that's what Pelosi means.

Anonymous said...

Wait! They desegregated Schools???? When???