Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I Hear Dead People

They say that people die in threes. I remember experiencing that for the first time when I was about 13 years old. Elvis, Groucho Marx, and my grandfather all passed away within just a few days of one another. Most recently, Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahon, and Tito Jackson's younger brother all expired. (Order now and you'll also receive a fourth death, Billy Mays, at no extra cost.)

Particularly with the death of Tito's brother, there seems to be no escaping the media circus involved in revamping the life and work of the self-deformed, effeminate, pedophile. What gores my ox are the absurd statements being made by a wide range of people from blogging fans to pop-culture pseudo-news sources that are grasping desperately to find something good and redeeming to say about the man-boy and his distorted lifestyle. The following drivel was found with a casual Internet search of fan responses:

"Which was the bigger step for mankind -- Apollo 11 or [Tito's brother's] moonwalk?"

Two hundred people gathered for a candlelight vigil in a Tokyo park. Thirty were planning to fly to LA to try to attend the funeral.

"[Tito's brother] was a living legend not only in America and the Christian world, but the Islamic world too," said Mehmet Ali Aslan, head of the Association for Dialogue between Religions.

"His death, like Presley's may not have been fitting of a hero. But his life will shine on in world history."

"The U.S. won the Cold War not through military might, but through the charm of artists like [Tito's brother]."

May we all stand and vomit.

While the unthinking masses of the world remain steadfastly focused upon the unimportant, the irrelevent, and the farcical, what deaths are being ignored, I wonder?

"On January 17th, 93 year old World War II Veteran Marvin Schur was found dead in his home in Bay City, Michigan by his neighbors. His death was caused by hypothermia. ...the utility company notified Schur that his power could be shut off, because he was more than $1,000 behind on his utility payments. ...the utility company had installed a ‘limiter’ at his home... The limiter device was set to shut off Schur’s electricity when usage surpassed a pre-programmed amount. The week that Schur died, saw frigid temperatures with nights dipping down well below zero each night."

Jim Norene, who fought with the 101st Airborne Division, traveled to France for the D-Day reunion ceremony on Saturday, June 6th, but died in his sleep Friday night.,5143,705308933,00.html

Those are just two that jumped out at me. You could probably find more. I think my point is clear, however. Most people do not live in reality. Instead, they accept a media/culture imposed faux reality that is intended to insulate us from the real reality. It's a Matrix of the worst kind -- that of self-delusion.


Anonymous said...

While MJ might have had a huge impact on the world of entertainment, he did not end the cold war. That really is absurd.
People are crying over a musicians death? Well, I guess just as many were left heartbroken when Elvis died, or John Lennon. I think it's just too many people with time on their hands, who want to be part of something bigger than themselves.
I will say that MJ was not convicted of pedophilia, though he probably bought off one family and who knows who else.(and who can say if some of this was a set up for money? by gold diggers?)I don't know or care to know enough details to judge. Honestly, I think he was a messed up person. I sure as hell wouldn't let my kid hang out with him.
But if you believe such things, perhaps his religion has forgiven him???

Donzo said...

Other than friends or family, there are very few celebrity deaths that I have actually been truly saddened by.
Princess Diana, because she was trying so hard to be a force for good, and was killed by leaches.
John F. Kennedy Jr., because he had such potential for greatness. He was killed by his own pride.
I can't think of anyone else, famous, who died before their time, that I truly miss.