Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Philosophy of Liberty

Whether or not you watched the previously posted video, I think you'll find this one is both educational and enlightening. It does a fantastic job of presenting the reality of life. I caution you, watching this is not a passive endeavor. It's not a cartoon, it's an education. Ponder it. Mull it over. Let it sink in.


Anonymous said...

A: why does stuff take so long to upload?
B: I take it you do not belive in having a police force or an army.
C:Why have leaders if they are powerless? What is their purpose?
D: Liberty is dependent on everyone being perfectly in sync. Like communism. Thy aren't.
E: Wondering where the abortion argument and gay marriage factor into 'liberty'?

Gleno said...

A1. You're not pedaling fast enough.
B1. As was clearly shown in the previous video I posted, society (and me) has agreed that a justice system and an army are necessary. I think you're on a red herring there.
C1. Liberty is dependent upon three factors only: Self-Interest, Morality, and Respect for the Rights of Others.
D1. Murder of babies, like all other forms of murder, is easily categorized as a crime. Homosexuality, falls under morality. Liberty cannot exist apart from morality. Unfortunately, the greatest problem our society faces today is an abandonment of an agreed upon code of morality. That's why Christianity has been, heretofore, irrevocably intertwined with the United States. Christianity was the nails that held the boards of liberty to the ship. Since we've turned away from our historical communal ethos, we find we have less and less to agree on.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I cant take the time to let this download yet again.

Did they mention morality? And how if a baby is inside me can anyone tell me what to do with it? Doesn't that interfere with my Liberty?

I do think that one ethos is a glue that holds a society together, whatever it is. It doesn't mean everyone is happy, or has their liberty, it does mean that as long as you all live by the same rules, you all get along reasonably. (mostly because anyone who doesn't' follow the rules is removed) I think Japan can be easily seen in this light. It too is shattering with a change in their ethos.