Friday, July 23, 2010

Taking Out the Trash

You're an American. You live and work in a place where more and more you find yourself and your daily life affected by people who are in the country illegally. These people, criminals, you find are not only here illegally, but a great many of them are involved in other illegal activities. So you act. You press for laws to be enforced, and when they are not, you push for new laws. Lo and behold, you get them.

Now, given the fact that the criminals that you're attempting to deal with are foreigners, namely Hispanics, you are pretty sure that the Politically Correct/Leftist Extremists are going to come after you and try to put a stop to your actions. And they do.

But what you may not expect is that this resistance comes in the form of your own Federal Government -- the very same Federal Government that is charged with doing the work that you now find yourself having to do. The very same Federal Government that has very similar laws on the books that REQUIRES them to do the work that you're now doing... the work that they are trying to prevent you from doing.

Can someone explain to me how the Federal Government is attacking a law as being unconstitutional when the law was intentionally written to mirror the Federal Law that is in place? On what basis is this law "unconstitutional"?

Justice Department Attorney Edwin Kneedler argued that the law would "burden the federal agency that responds to immigation-status inquiries."

I guess that's lawyer talk for "it would make them get off their fat asses and do what they are supposed to be doing in the first place."

Let me quote the Associated Press article from 8am today:

"Opponents say the law will lead to racial profiling and trample on the rights of the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants in Arizona."

What? Wait, stop. What was that?

What was what?

Say that again.

What? The racial profiling part?

No. The part about illegal immigrants.

Oh, "trample on the rights of illegal --"

Stop! Right there. That part.

You heard it: The rights of illegal immigrants.

Read this aloud with me. The Federal Government is suing the state of Arizona and preventing it from protecting its citizens and economy because it wants to protect the rights of criminals.

It's time to take the trash out. The next time there's an election in your area, remember this. There is a large faction of people in our country who are in elected office for their own personal gain and couldn't care less for the best interests of their country. John Kerry comes to mind. He called illegal aliens in Massachusetts his "constituents."

I'm fit to be tied right now.


Glenn said...

If a homeless person broke into your house and decided to start living there, then would you not both take exception to this happening and not allow them to make household decisions? I'm not saying that the homeless person is evil, but the fact that they are willing to take out your trash does not mean I should be glad they are there. In addition, you would not let them decide what the family was going to watch on TV let alone help decide how you spend your money.
Living in your house would be a significant improvement in their quality of life. But would it not be strange to punish your children if they said that they did not want this person to live in their room.

Gleno said...

Take the analogy a step further. If I called the police to help me evict them, what should my response be if the police started talking about their "right" to be there and took steps to stop me from securing my land and home against this unwanted intruder?

Anonymous said...

I disagree in a strong fashion... surprised? -Jae

Gleno said...

Can you explain to me how you can disagree with the enforcement of laws designed to protect law abiding citizens?

Anonymous said...

I totally agree that if we have laws regulating immigration, they aught to be enforced. I also think that there is a need for a huge overhaul about how people get here. And what we do with the many here already. Kids that were raised here by illegal parents, I don't see that you can just throw them out. They are in all but name American. Fines, military service, some way to pay back for their parents indiscretion. Also we obviously need some immigrants to do the dirty jobs we Americans wont. Lets figure out how that can happen.
And as a side note to Glenn's comment. I was thinking, WWJD. I guess as a Christian, you shouldn't have a lock on your door to begin with. Just a thought.

Gleno said...

Here's the point that people seem to want to overlook: No one is trying to absolutely keep people out of the country. What we want is to ensure that people come in legally so that it's fair to everyone who comes in. Why should one family wait in line for a long time to get their chance to come in, do everything right and then we allow others to just crawl over the border like cockroaches?

Anonymous said...


Our country was founded and built upon the backs of immigrants. Our Declaration of Independance, states that all men have the right to life, liberty, (property) and the pursuit of happiness. These are not the rights of Americans, but the right due to ALL humans. I know I am late to post, but just read this, and have to say, i cannot disagree with you more.


Gleno said...


ABSOLUTELY! I do not deny that fact -- in fact, I'm happy that it's true! Unless you're an American Indian, you're only here because of immigrants. My mom's parents came here from Italy and landed at Ellis Island. My dad's side came to American before the Revolutionary War.

But here's the rub: They all came here LEGALLY. Particularly in the case of my maternal grandparents, it was important to do things legally, to be sure you had contacts here, jobs lined up, some clue of the language, and, get this, you had to be healthy. My grandmother's family almost turned away because her sister had a COLD!

What's going on today isn't "immigration", it's invasion. I'm all for anyone coming to the US legally. But if you you're very first act in coming to this country is to break the law, then you clearly aren't the sort of people that deserve to share in what this great country offers.

Gleno, AKA