Monday, March 2, 2009


I was more than a little surprised this morning when I woke up and checked my Blackberry only to discover that, yes, today is a normal workday at the Lab. The northeast is getting hammered by a pretty good snowstorm right now, and has been since last last nite. However, unlike several other such incidents, the powers that be did not opt to cancel work today.

This was surprising given that the city of Boston declared a snow emergency and that snow was predicted to continue to fall. Last nite, three people, a pregnant woman and her mother, and were killed when their car apparently slid across the road and struck an on-coming snowplow. No details have been released yet, but I can imagine a scenario where in a split second's time your life changes from waiting to become a father to suddenly becoming a widower. Makes me sick to my stomach to ponder it.

I fought my way in to the office with my own infinitely smaller set of problems. I was slipping all over the place, fighting for traction, and at one point, sliding right off the road as I tried to take a left off of Rte 28. My tires are no good in snow. That's bad enough, but coupled with a big engine under my hood, I find that my car isn't particularly safe in snow. I'm going to have to break down and pick up some new tires very soon. I hate to have to part with the money, but it may be that or having to buy a new front end one of these days.

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AsterixChaos said...

OMG, I'm glad you're okay! I've been watching this series of storms with a sense of excitement--meteorogically speaking, it's very exciting, but every time I look at what it's doing and what it's capable of, I get a little bit deeper sense of dread, and then to hear things like this, and... I just don't have the words. You and yours will remain in my prayers. Be careful out there!