Thursday, November 27, 2008

Been Jammin'

Janet and I have a baby boy named Benjamin. He was born July 26th this year.
He is absolutely perfect.
We're going to be dedicating him at church this Sunday in a brief ceremony followed by a big celebration at a local Italian restaurant's function hall.
Whooops... in fact... I have to go feed the little guy right now. He's calling for his bottle.


jarvenpa said...

He's precious. Is that red hair I spy, or merely my monitor making interesting colors?

Gleno said...

Actually, he's got very light brown hair, but I don't see any red in it when looking at the real thing. We had hopes for my wife's blue eyes for a while, but they did an about face and he's got my brown eyes too. Oh well. He's still cute. Hopefully he won't look like me for his sake.